Here’s what to Stomp ‘n' Holler about on June 2, 2018.



The Mavericks said they’ll be back again -- with another blazing show. Yeah!
The best Pitmasters in Texas will return with some very serious smoke. Got Dat!
How about cold Shiner Beer and the friendliest folks you’ll ever dance with? HELL YEAH! 

Sound like the Texas Wholly Trinity for Stomp ‘N' Holler 2018? We’re just warming up.

The inaugural 2017 Stomp ‘N' Holler tested the waters with:
Rosie Flores, The Whiskey Shivers and our headliner, The Mavericks.

It was so amazing that this year we added 3 more bands. And the ticket price for
an even bigger lineup of music, legendary Pitmasters, and Taylor, Texas hospitality is less than
last year.



Reserve your right to Stomp ‘N Holler!