In the Beginning, There Was Barbecue. Taylor’s History is a Smokey One. 



If there’s one thing we know in Taylor, it’s barbecue. Smack dab in the middle of the famous Texas barbecue trail, we boast BBQ joints that have been serving up some of the most mouth-watering smoked meats as far back as 1948. So many Taylorites cut their teeth on barbecue, it’s practically a religion around here. 

One of the perks of life in the Barbecue Holy Land is that it’s home to three of the best pitmasters in the world. Access to such divine offerings seven days a week has blessed Taylor locals with more refined taste buds and an elevated ability to appreciate the subtlest differences in smoke and spice. Knowing that our mom and pop pitmasters could blow smoke rings around anyone outside of town, we started the Taylor International Barbecue Cookoff in the 1970s to showcase our talent. By joining us as we celebrate great music and amazing BBQ, you too have access to the most praise-worthy barbecue anywhere. Enjoy!