The Pitmasters Aren’t the Only Sizzling Acts. The Bands Will Be Smokin', Too.





Saturday, June 3  |  8pm

The Mavericks were founded more than 25 years ago by Raul Malo and Paul Deakin as a standout alternative band in a Miami rock scene dominated by hair metal and punk.

Improbably, they were noticed by super-producer Tony Brown in Nashville, and when they got signed to innovative MCA Records, they upended expectations in country music. Their blend of Cuban grooves and Bakersfield-inspired twang netted them several CMA and ACM Awards plus a Grammy in 1995. They charted numerous singles and albums while earning accolades as one of the finest live bands in the business. There was some time off and re-jiggering of personnel, but they came back strong with 2013’s In Time and 2015’s Mono, albums that provided abundant material for a refreshed and unmatched stage show.

“We’ve traveled a lot in the last four years. And we’ve come back from a hiatus of nine years to find a brand new purpose — not just to go out and play for tickets and do the oldies,” says Eddie Perez. “Not many bands get to come back from that long to have another moment like this. So I believe it to be quite special.”

Whiskey Shivers

Saturday, June 3  |  6:30pm

Barefoot, sleeveless and sweaty, Whiskey Shivers frontman and fiddle master Bobby Fitzgerald never stops smiling on stage. It’s almost impossible to watch him perform more than a song or two without cracking a smile yourself. His exuberance is contagious, and it bleeds through into the music. Despite their joyful demeanor, the guys in Whiskey Shivers aren’t pretending that life is always easy. Far from it. It’s in the contrast where their music shines. They infuse their songs with punk rock energy and a darkly comical light-heartedness, stretching the bluegrass genre to fit whatever they feel is right.

For them, being happy is a conscious choice and making fun of life’s struggles is part of their philosophy.



ROSIE FLORES: the rockabilly Filly

Saturday, June 3  |  5pm

Award-winning Girl of the Century, Working Girl with Guitar Rosie Flores has gone surfing, knifing her turquoise axe through some new uncharted musical waters.

These past few years have found her nabbing two fan voted Ameripolitan Awards in 2014 – taking one for Best Female Honky Tonk and the other for Best Female Rockabilly; a Peabody Award that she accepted onstage at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for her narration of the documentary “Whole Lotta Shakin”; producing Janis Martin’s 2012 CD “The Blanco Sessions” which tied at number one with Rosie’s “Working Girls Guitar” on the FAR chart; and a multimedia Janis Martin Tribute that she created and performed at the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012.

“Flores, a guitar-toting rockabilly singer from Texas, has long been the darling of the country circuits in L.A. and Austin (where August 31 was declared Rosie Flores Day, in 2006). She has a voice that, like Gram Parsons’s, cracks in all the right places and an untempered approach to guitar picking that’s a wonder to behold.”

– The New Yorker ‘Night Life,’ July 2015

One Ton Country

Saturday, June 3  |  4pm

One Ton Country was born from “Grillin' and Guitar” nights at a friend’s home in late 2013 and early 2014. These guys would all sit around, cook some good food, and then pull out their guitars and play and sing until all hours of the morning. What was an acoustic trio has grown up! Yup, they began working as a full band in January 2015.  They continue to frequent some great local bars and special events. You’ll be glad you saw them at Stomp ‘N’ Holler.  

Czech Melody Masters.jpg

Czech Melody Masters

Saturday, June 3  |  3pm

Bringing together over 100 years of combined musicianship, the Czech Melody Masters are proud to bring the best in Czech polka and waltz music to the Stomp ‘N’ Holler BBQ + Music festival in Taylor, Texas.

In 1999, the band has performed all over Texas and beyond, including three trips to the National Polka Festival at Ennis, as well as performing at Westfest, Caldwell Kolache Festival, the world famous South by Southwest Music Festival, Oktoberfest at Snowbird Ski Lodge in Salt Lake City, and the grand re-opening of the historic Bill Mraz Ballroom in Houston.

Since their formation, the band has strived to emulate the classic brass band sound of beloved Texas.  They strive to push their music back in time presenting songs in their original format, often using faded music scores or scratchy 78 records as a guide. The result is a book of songs the way they used to be played, but performed with today's energy.

Sam Dowdy & the Taylor Made Band

Saturday, June 3  |  2pm


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